List of Acts administered by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority

Collective Investment Schemes Control Act (Act 45 of 2002)

Credit Rating Services Act (Act 24 of 2012)

Financial Advisory and Intermediaries Services Act (FAIS Act)(Act 37 of 2002)

Financial Institutions (Protection of Funds) Act (Act 28 of 2001)

Financial Intelligence Centre Act (Act 38 of 2001)

Financial Markets Act (Act 19 of 2012)

Financial Sector and Deposit Insurance Levies

Financial Sector and Deposit Insurance Levies (Administration) and Deposit Insurance Premiums

Financial Sector Regulation Act (Act 9 of 2017)

Friendly Societies Act (Act 25 of 1956)

Insurance Act (Act 18 of 2017)

Long-term Insurance Act (Act 52 of 1998)

Pension Funds Act, 24 (Act 24 of 1956)

Short-term Insurance Act (Act 53 of 1998)

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority does not guarantee that the Acts displayed on this website reflect the most recent version of those Acts after any possible amendments.
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