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Who we are

Language Services is a unit within Communication and Language Services department. It is constituted in terms section 7 of the Use of Official languages Act, no. 12 of 2012. Its purpose is to provide good language management within the FSCA and ensure inclusivity and protection of financial services consumers through language services.

​What we do

  • Advise the organisation on the development, adoption and implementation of the FSCA’s language policy in order to fulfil the mandate provided for by the Use of Official Languages Act;
  • Design and implement the FSCA’s language policy and strategy;
  • Monitor and assess the use of official languages by the FSCA;
  • Monitor and assess compliance with the policy by the different FSCA departments and units;
  • Promote parity of esteem an​d equitable treatment of the official languages of the South Africa within the FSCA;
  • Facilitate equitable access to the services and information of the FSCA by the public through translation, interpreting, editing and terminology development;
    • Offer South African Sign Language (SASL) interpreting services for internal employees, walk-ins and FSCA consumer education sessions;
    • Facilitate the outsourcing of services like translation and interpreting, according to the needs of the financial customer;​​
    • Compile and submit reports to the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture and to the Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) in terms of section 9 of the use of Official Languages Act, as prescribed by section 9 of the Use of Official Language Act.​

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