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Who we are

The FSCA was established to be the dedicated market conduct regulator in South Africa's Twin Peaks regulatory model implemented via the Financial Sector Regulation Act. Our mandate includes all financial institutions that provide a financial product and/or a financial service as defined in the Financial Sector Regulation Act. The FSCA's mandate is expressed through the following strategic objectives:

  • Ensure the stability of financial markets;
  • Drive transformation of the financial sector to improve access;
  • Promote fair treatment of financial customers through a robust regulatory framework;
  • Provide financial education and literacy in order to have informed customers; and
  • Assist in maintaining the efficiency and integrity of financial markets through innovation. 

​​​Our Vision

To foster a fair, efficient, and resilient financial system that supports inclusive and sustainable economic growth in South Africa​.

Our Mission
The FSCA's mission is to promote an inclusive, customer-centric, and competitive financial sector wherein:
  • Financial customers have access to innovative and appropriate products and services and are empowered to make financially capable and informed decisions;
  • Financial markets function fairly, effectively, and efficiently; and
  • Pro-active and responsive regulation, supervision, and enforcement results in accountable financial institutions.

Our Values
  • Excellence - We set high standards for ourselves and strive to perform our functions with professionalism. 
  • Integrity and Accountability - We are transparent, honest, fair, and consistent in our actions and decisions.
  • Collaboration - We work together in a spirit of consultation, cooperation, mutual respect, and trust.
  •  Agility - We respond promptly, innovatively, and smartly to changing needs and circumstances.
  • Sustainability - We meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs by adopting socially responsible practices.​​