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41 Matroosberg Rd, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria, 0002

The Credit Rating Agencies listed below have been registered in accordance with Section 5(1) of the Credit Rating Services Act, 24 of 2012.

The list is published by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority in accordance with section 5(10) of the Credit Rating Services Act and is updated within five working days of adoption of a registration decision.


All Personal Information is processed in line with the FSCA's Privacy Policy which can be found on Privacy Policy

​​​​​​N​ame of Credit Rating Agency​
​​Country of Residence
Effect​ive Date
Copy of License​
​Sovereign Africa Ratings (Pty) Ltd.
​South Africa
​​0​8 March 2022
SAR Licence No. ​FSCA-CRA006
S&P Global Ratings Europe Ltd. with its South Africa Branch
​01 July 2018
SPGRE License No. FSCA-CRA005
Moody’s Investors Service South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
South Africa
​​06 May 2014
MIS South Africa License No. FSCA-CRA003
Global Credit Rating Co. (Pty) Ltd.
​​South Africa
​13 December 2013
GCR Ratings License No. FSCA-CRA001
Standard & Poor’s Credit Market Services Europe Ltd with its South Africa Branch
​30 June 2018
​No certificate, entity deregistered
Fitch Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd.
South Africa
04 September 2015
​​No certificate, entity deregistered