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The Insurance Apprentice 2021 - Episode 1
Posed with right and wrong answers, episode 1 of The Insurance Apprentice 2021, sponsored by Aon South Africa, sees Group 1 take part in the ‘Rapid Risk’ and ‘Write-off’ preliminary round. Two contestants with the most correct answers make it into the Top 10.
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Insurance Apprentice Episode 1 – Sponsored by Aon South Africa
The first episode of The Insurance Apprentice 2019, sponsored by Aon South Africa, sees the 2019 apprentices Colin Lunsky, Ditebogo Mokgalabone, Gillian Riley, Jake Pennacchini, Kishan Vanmali, Mitesh Lakha, Palesa Mochane and Reese Aron, head to the first boardroom session of The Insurance Apprentice 2019. tab
Insurance Apprentice Episode 2 – Sponsored by Emerald Africa
The apprentices face a difficult task in episode two, task two sponsored by Emerald Africa. With guest judges Chris Potter, Portfolio Executive and Carla Jordan, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Executive Officer: International Business at Emerald Africa on hand to assist with the task and sit in as a panel with Judge Simon and Judge Kedi, the apprentices are handed their task. tab
Insurance Apprentice Episode 3 – Sponsored by Marsh Africa
Viewers will get a glimpse of the apprentices putting on their thinking caps when assigned with task three, sponsored by Marsh Africa, based on cyber risk management.

With guest Judges Justin Keevy, Divisional Executive: Commercial Crime and Cyber Risks Broking and Advisory Practice and Bridy Paxton, Client Advisory Services (CAS) Lead at Marsh Africa on hand to assist with the task, and join Judge Simon and Judge Kedi as judges, the apprentices receive their task. tab
Insurance Apprentice Episode 4 – Sponsored by Sasria SOC Limited
Episode four, task four, sponsored by Sasria SOC Limited, shines a spotlight on the apprentices as they are challenged by guest Judge Fareedah Benjamin, with the task of coming up with innovative ideas to ensure the sustainability of the Sasria business model.

They were tasked to consider the financial viability, premium growth, business retention, marketing, distribution, reinsurance and investment options and had to keep Sasria’s relevance to the insurance industry and its value to the shareholder in mind. What innovative ideas were Sasria SOC Limited really looking for? tab
Insurance Apprentice Episode 5 - Sponsored by Innovation Group South Africa
It is now down to the last five apprentices in episode five, task five of The Insurance Apprentice, sponsored by Innovation Group South Africa. In this task the innovative side of the apprentices is tested as Judge Simon and Kedi, joined by guest Judge Catherine Naidoo, Executive Product at Innovation Group South Africa, set the bar high.

Traditional vehicle models are changing, this means less mechanical components and more electrical components requiring specialized technical skills for repairs. In their teams the apprentices are challenged to develop and price a warranty product for electrical vehicles. tab
Insurance Apprentice Episode 6 - Sponsored by Inseta
Part of The Insurance Apprentice series is to showcase insurance as a career of choice to a bigger audience. Occupations in the insurance industry are not seen as a first choice for many people and most people end up in the industry ‘by accident’.

In episode six, task six, sponsored by Inseta, the apprentices have the opportunity to influence a mix of grade 11 and 12 learners at Florida Park High School. The apprentices were tasked with sharing some detail around two of the scarce and critical occupations in the insurance industry, namely an insurance broker and an underwriter. tab