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Supervisory information includes:

  • Service level commitment – define the roles, responsibilities and time periods with regard to services rendered
  • Guidance Notes
  • Addition to distribution list - To be added to the distribution list to receive documents issued by the Registrar of Pension Funds, e.g. Information Circulars, Pension Funds Directives etc.
  • Financial Statements Guidance Notes - The requirements for the drawing up of and submitting financial statements and audit reports
  • Quarterly Non Compliance Guidance Notes – The requirements to complete the non-compliance report on a fund level, issuer/entity level and member level, where a fund exceeded the limits as prescribed in Regulation 28.
  • Trustee Toolkit – a development programme for trustees, based on the Registrar of Pension Funds’ guidelines on good governance for retirement funds which assists trustees to get a better understanding of their role and functions.
  • Resources and Documents – Presentations and other useful information
  • Liquidations - The requirements for the appointment of a liquidator and submitting of liquidation accounts
  • Exemption applications
  • Actuarial Services - The requirements for submitting transfer documents and valuation reports