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​The industry, persons, learning institutions, professional bodies, industry associations, training providers, employers (FSPs) may submit qualification applications to the Registrar for recognition as part of the new fit and proper requirements for consideration.

Transitional period prior to 2009

Date of First Appointment(DOFA)
​Date by which qualification must be obtained
​KI’s approved and Reps appointed up to 2007
​30 or 60 credits, depending on licence category, in a registered skills programme by 31/12/2009
​KI’s approved and Reps appointed in 2008 and 2009
1. Qualification as defined in Board Notice 106 of 2008, Part 10(1) consisting of 30 or 60 credits (as above), by 31/12/2011; or

2. A Full Qualification as recognised by the Registrar by 31/12/2013

New entrants from January 2010 onwards

​KI’s approved in 2010
​Recognised qualification as per the list of recognised qualifications in order to be approved as KI.
​Reps appointed in 2010 under Supervision
Entry level Matric /Grade 12 or School leaving certificate @ NQF level 4 (Excluding Cat 1.1 and 1.19 – minimum ABET Level 1)
A representative may only work for a period not exceeding six (6) years after date of first appointment under supervision, whilst obtaining the required experience, regulatory examination and recognised qualification as they apply.

List of Recognised Qualifications

Guidance note:

NB:  Please be advised that the current qualification list BN76 of 2015 should be read in conjunction with the BN51 of 2017

BN76 of 2015
BN51 of 2017
​List 1
List 1​
​Qualifications recognised for Category I FSPs
List 2
​Specified subject(s) / module(s) / unit standard(s) based qualifications recognised for Category I FSPs
List 3
​List 3
​Qualifications recognised for Category I FSPs for the transitional period only
List 4
List 4​
​Qualifications recognised for Category II and IIA FSPs
​List 5
List 5
​Qualifications recognised for Category III FSPs
​List 6

​Qualifications recognised for Category III FSPs for the transitional period only
​List 7
​List 7
​Qualifications recognised for Category IV FSPs
​List 8

​Specified subject(s) / module(s) / unit standard(s) based qualifications recognised for Category IV FSPs
List 9
List 9​
​Qualifications recognised for Category IV FSPs for the transitional period only
List 10
​Qualifications recognised for Category II and IIA FSPs for the transitional period only
​Specified subject(s) / module(s) / unit standard(s) based qualifications recognised for Category II and IIA FSPs
List 12
​Specified subject(s) / module(s) / unit standard(s) based qualifications recognised for Category III FSPs
​List 13
​List 13
​ Qualifications recognised for Compliance Officers

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Appropriate Subject List

The following subjects are deemed to meet the requirements for appropriateness, and will be used in combination with the list of generic qualifications as approved.

Accounting Equities SettlementMercantile Law
Actuarial ScienceEquity InvestmentsMicro-economics
Advanced Investment AdviceEquity /EquitiesMoney Laundering Control
Agricultural EconomicsEstate and Trust LawMoney Laundering schemes
Applied Accountancy SkillsEstate PlanningMoney Market
Applied MathematicsEthicsMoney Market Settlement
Applied StatisticsFinanceNetwork Administration
Applied Time Value of MoneyFinance for Non-Financial ManagersOperational Risk Management
Asset Classes & Basic Investment PrinciplesFinancial AccountingPayment Of Entitlement
AuditingFinancial AdvisePerformance and Risk Strategy
Auditing and Internal ControlFinancial AnalysisPersonal Financial Planning
Authorisations And Approvals (Trading)Financial CalculationsPersonal Insurance Products and Practice
BankingFinancial EngineeringPortfolio Management
Banking OperationsFinancial GovernancePractical Accounting Data Processing
Basic Economic PrinciplesFinancial ManagementPrimary, secondary and wholesale markets
Behavioural Finance & EconomicsFinancial Market OperationsPrinciples Of Ethics In A Business Environment
BlockchainFinancial Market Regulatory EnvironmentPrinciples of Insurance
Bond and stock marketsFinancial MarketsPrinciples of Life Insurance
BondsFinancial MathematicsPrinciples of Strategy, Financial Management and Risk
Bonds SettlementFinancial OperationsPrinciples of Taxation
Business AdministrationFinancial PlanningProcess Management (Process Modelling And Control)
Business AssuranceFinancial Planning PrinciplesProduction Management
Business EconomicsFinancial ReportingPrudential Requirements
Business EntitiesFinancial Services IndustryQuality Control In Call Centres
Business EnvironmentFinancial Services OperationsQuantitative Economics
Business EthicsFinancial Services PreparationsQuantitative Finance
Business FinanceFinancial StatementsQuantitative Investment Analysis
Business InformaticsForex Exposure ManagementQuantitative Techniques
Business Information SystemsFundamentals Of Financial ServicesRegulatory Environment
Business InsuranceGeneral ManagementResponsibilities of financial institutions
Business IntegrationGlobal Business EnvironmentRetirement Finance
Business ManagementGovernance, Risk And Compliance ManagementRetirement Planning
Business Management & Financial Risk AssessmentGroup Retirement BenefitsRetirement Related Legislation
Business MathematicsHealth Benefits / Health Care BenefitsRetirement Preservation
Business to Business MarketingHuman Computer InteractionRisk Financing
Call Centre ManagementIndependent audits and reviewsRisk Management
Capital market frameworks and conceptsInformaticsRisk Management and Insurance
Claims ManagementInformation Technology ArchitectureSecurities Information and Market Conditions
Client / Customer ServicesInformation Technology EnterpriseSecurities Markets
Client Investment NeedsInsuranceSettlement (Finance)
Client Services and Financial AdviceInsurance & Risk ManagementSmall Business Management
Collateral ManagementInterest-Bearing InvestmentSouth African Financial System
Collective Investment Scheme Product SolutionsInternational FinanceStatistics or Analytical Techniques
Commercial Insurance Products and PracticeInternational TradeSTRATE
Commercial LawInterpretation Of StatutesStrategic Communication Management Skills
Companies LawIntroduction To The Financial MarketsStrategic Management
Complaints And DisputesIntroductory Financial AccountingStrategy
Compliance functionInvestment ManagementStructured Systems Analysis and Design
Computer ArchitectureInvestment or Portfolio ManagementTax / taxation
Conduct Of Business (Regulation)Investment PlanningTaxation Law
Consumer BehaviourInvestor PsychologyTaxation Planning
Corporate FinanceLaw Of Contracts Or DelictThe Bond Market
Corporate Financial PlanningLaw Of SuccessionThe Derivatives Market
Corporate GovernanceLegal EnvironmentThe Equity Market
Corporate LawLegistlative Impact On Financial Advisors / PlannersThe Regulation And Ethics Of The South African Financial Markets
Cost AccountingLong-Term Product SolutionsThe South African Foreign Exchange Market
Cost and Financial ManagementMacro EconomicsTrade and Business Law
Costing and EstimatingManagement Trading On The Exchange
Creation of WealthManagement AccountingTreasury Management
Credit Risk ManagementManaging Client AssetsTrustee management
Crypto BankingMarket ConductVisual Programming
Crypto CurrencyMarket Risk Management Wealth Creation
Debt Instrument SolutionsMarketingWealth Management
Descriptive Statistics and ProbabilityMathematical Analysis 
E-commerce in BusinessMathematical Economics 
EconometricsMathematical Statistics 
Employee BenefitsMathematics for Finance and Business 
EntrepreneurshipMedical Schemes 

List of Appropriate Subjects for Compliance Officers
​Financial Planning
​Financial/Securities Markets
​Business Assurance
​Fraud Risk Management
​Financial Planning
​Financial/Securities Markets
​​Business Assurance
​Fraud Risk Management
​Business Economics
​Health Care Benefits
​Business Environment
​ Informatics 
​Business Finance
​Business Information Systems
​Interpretation of Statutes
​Business Integration
​Law of Contract or Delict
​Business Management
​Legal Environment
​Commercial Law
​Mercantile Law
​Companies Law
​Money Laundering Control
​Compliance Management
​Network Administration
​Computer Architecture
​Process Management (Process Modeling and Control)
​Corporate Finance
​Retirement Planning
Corporate Governance
​Risk Management
Estate and Trust Law
​Strategic Communication Management Skills
​​Estate planning
​Strategic Management
​ Strategy 
​Financial Management
​Wealth Management